What’s The Best Soundbar For Your TV?

Great! You want to equip your TV with one of the best soundbar 2016 has to offer. That’s excellent, because this year has brought us with many surprises. Nowadays we have a great selection of different sound bars which are worthy of being equipped on your TV.

On this article we are going to review some of them. So the unique thing you need to do is to hook yourself up to this article and read it till the end. We are pretty sure you will enjoy it.

LG LAB550W: $350 USD

Here we have our first option, which is a perfect add-on for your TV at a very low price. While we know that $350 is not exactly cheap, for a sound bar it’s considered to be affordable, especially if we are talking of an LG.

For $350 USD you get a lot of value. It’s versatile and very easy to use in fact, so you won’t have any problem setting it up even if you are a complete beginner. The design is also a nice plus, because it’s beautiful and therefore a good addition to your room.

So if you want to get one of the best soundards 2016 for a low price, then you have got to purchase the LG LAB550W. You will be very surprised with how much power it can deliver, it will rock you off!

Philips HTL5140: $260 USD

Here we have a great option for people who cannot afford an expensive soundbar. You can take this with you for only $260, which is kind of crazy, if you take into account how many expensive options are around.

But what about its performance? We know that there are products which are indeed sexy in terms of price, but they are utter garbage in terms of performance. This is not the case with the Philips HTL5140, this soundbar is both cheap and amazing. You have got to buy it if you are not so wealthy or cannot imagine yourself spending $1k in a product of this type.

The design is just fine, it’s not so beautiful but it passes the test quite well. What really matters is that it delivers a good sound quality which is very solid, so we can say that it’s worth the $260 dollars you pay for it.

Naim Audio Mu-So: $1400

Finally here we have another option, which is by far the best from this group. We can easily say that the Naim Audio Mu-So is the best sound bar of 2016, because the design deserves a solid 10, and the performance is outstanding.

If you are looking for the greatest experience in terms of sound quality, then this sound bar will offer you that. It’s very expensive and only a few can actually afford it, but we can tell you that it’s worth it. So if you are thinking on purchasing it, then you should give it a go and make it yours as soon as possible.